Interview- Anonymous Roommate

1. What does biotechnology mean to you?

Enhancing food, growing prosthetics, preservatives..that kind of stuff.


  • Yes, I think its very beneficial. 


It can add to someones quality of life

It makes food more useful 

It makes food last longer


  • English

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Jessica Dinkin’s Interview on Biotechnology

1.  Briefly explain what biotechnology means.

– I could take a guess.  Something along the lines of combining biology, mechanics, genes, and medicine.

2.  Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?

– I’m kind of torn.  On one side, if it helps society then that’s great and all.   I just can’t help but feel it goes against the laws of nature.

3.  Provide at least one reason for your stance on this issue.

– I feel like if we try to overcome nature, there will be consequences.  There has to be some disadvantage to synthetic organs and modified foods.  It’s kind of similar to technology.  If we make computers too smart, they could take over the world.  I mean, come on, have you ever seen Irobot?!

4.  Linguistics

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Solution: An APP

I think its clear that our solution is an app….what would have happened if this place had been known to be dangerous…or “it just didn’t feel right…..” something could have changed…


“Police report that at approximately 1 a.m., a man walking alone in the vicinity of 42nd Street and Bluestone Avenue was approached by four males who struck him and took his wallet. The suspects then fled in a late model sedan in an unknown direction.   If you have any information about this incident, please call Norfolk Police at 441-5610.”

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Links to apps

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University of Maryland Safety App

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Dell Social Media Policy

I really liked the headlines and almost wish that they had the headlines as their policy and nothing else.  The Dell Policy is a little wordy and is a perfect example of what not to do.  I felt that this Media Policy if examined can strengthen our policy because of its short comings.

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Old Dominion University’s Electronic Communications and Social Media Policy

This is a form that was a part of the packet of paper work that I had to fill out to start my new job on Odu’s campus as an overnight front desk attendant. After reading it thoroughly I came to the conclusion that they used a “catch all” approach.

In the form it states “I understand that no user shall have any expectation of privacy in any message, file, image or data created, sent, retrieved, received, or posted in the use of the Commonwealth’s equipment and/or access. Agencies have a right to monitor any and all aspects of electronic communications and social media usage. Such monitoring may occur at any time, without notice, and without the user’s permission.”

This statement leaves an impression that employees have the freedom to use different social medias but to be cautious about what they are conveying to the public because they are subject to monitoring. Therefore, employees have a choice to make anytime they go to post something on a website. This form also gives Odu the freedom to further disperse disciplinary actions as individual situations arise.


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